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The 3 Day Challenge!!

Hey everyone! So what is this 3 Day Challenge you ask? Well, let me explain…

James and I have budgeted each day out so that we spend 45 rupees ($1) on food and 45 rupees ($1) on water. Many have asked, “Why?” or “How?” but each time we reply we say the reason is not because “we don’t have a lot of money” or “we don’t want to spend any more than that.” In fact, our reasoning is not about the money at all..

According to the World Resources Institute,  “About 1/5 of the Earth’s population, or 1.1 billion people, currently live on less than $1 a day.

We wanted to make sure that in our own hearts, we knew we did not come to India to stay in luxury A/C rooms, or eat at expensive restaurants, or ride the A/C cars on the trains. We wanted to Serve anyone who needs it, to Live as the poor live, and to Love just like Jesus loved and still loves us. It would be nearly impossible for two young American guys to live in luxury but still want to serve and live like the poor live. So we took on the challenge.

So what does the 3 Day Challenge consist of? We want to challenge all of our followers to take from Saturday 10/1 – Monday 10/3 and commit to only spending $4 (I spend $2 and James spends $2) on one given day on basic necessities. When I think of basic necessities, I think of the root of the word necessity.


noun, plural -ties.

1. Something necessary or indispensable: food, shelter, and other necessities of life.
As Americans, sometimes we loose track of what is truly necessary and we lean towards getting things that we desire, not as much towards what we really need. So that is what I want you all to focus on. Take on the challenge and see if you can do it!

We want to hear from You!

We want to know how it’s going! Please email either me ( or James ( with stories, photos, videos, anything documenting your time living on 4 dollars a day for 3 days! We hope that the money you save by cutting your food spending for those days could be donated to the work that is being done in Chennai with Rocky. If you want to learn more, go to the Rocky’s Vision tab at the top menu bar. We hope that you all can be inspired and feel what so many people in the world feel everyday and make a decision to donate the money you save for those given days. To donate, follow the Donate tab at the top menu bar. 

There are people in the world who would love to have the privileges that we have in America. People would go miles with nothing for another dollar to spend everyday. You can help these people. Take on this challenge and feel the struggle that a fifth of the world feels everyday. Once you feel it, who knows what your spirit will drive you to do for the poor all around the world. Take on the 3 Day Challenge and get connected.

We pray that many can participate. Please, if you feel the urge to do more for the poor, spread the word. Go to your school campuses or cafeterias, go to you friends and family members, and tell them about this challenge. Take part and have fun. The one thing that so many of the poor try to hold on to the most is joy. Being happy and joyful in their present struggles. Feel the pain, feel the joy, and feel the life.

Love your brother,


Giving Varanasi a “Rain Check”

Hey everyone.

So if you look at our Map, you will see that our travels so far have not gone according to what was originally planned. From Delhi, where we are now, we planned to head to Jammu Kashmere, which is North of Delhi, then head back down to Varanasi, East of Delhi on the map. BUT we have made some changes. We were planning to skip Jammu Kashere and go from Delhi to Varanasi, spending two days there, then moving up to Nepal. It wasn’t until last night that we decided to go straight to Nepal from Delhi. Last night we were at the railway station waiting to buy our tickets, but time ran out. Our train had left. Heading back to where we have been staying in Delhi the past few days, we came to the conclusion that it would not make sense for us to try for Varanasi again the next night and only be there for one day not even staying the night, for our friends in Nepal are expecting us on Wednesday –  meaning we would have to leave Varanasi on Tuesday morning, giving us one day to see the city. We were excited about Varanasi so we did not want to totally disregard it. We have put an official RAIN CHECK stamp on Varanasi, hoping that we can see it on our way back down South.

The great thing about staying another night after another night in Delhi is that this place is great! The brothers and sisters here have totally taken us in as their own and have been feeding us, giving us a place to sleep, and best of all, a place to clean ourselves. We are so grateful for everyone who has really felt the need to take us in and encourage us with so much.

BnB New Delhi: (From left to right) John, Mr. Ajay, James, Caleb, and Deloras.

Thanks be to: The Great Shiva hotel, Gimms & Wendy Andrews, HOPE Foundation, The Bansals, Xavier, DJ, Shiva, Shiva’s brother, Suresh & Selvi and their family, John & Deloras from California, Delhi Metro, Mother Dairy Ice Cream, and above all, our Father in Heaven for providing so much for us.

Thank you all.

Video Update!

Rajastan Experience

This is going to be a quick post. We have been in Rajastan, the Royal city of Jodhpur (blue city), for four nights. It is one of the most beautiful and refreshing locations we have visited our entire time in India. If you have not seen the movie “The Fall,” I suggest watching it, as the film is breathtaking, and you will experience India to the max.

Today there was a young orphan who came up to us. He was only wearing shorts. He was such a happy boy and excited to see us. We could not find any righteous business owners and everyone wanted to charge us extra when they saw us. In India, they jack up the prices for the white tourists in the market — not the case everywhere. We tried to explain that we were buying for the small boy, but they couldn’t care less, often treating the orphan like a dog in their language and arrogant attitude. So we eventually found a nice pair of sandals and bought them regardless. Then we looked for a brand new shirt and purchased it. We didnt have the camera with us at the time (Caleb apologizes), but the boy looked like a model from baby Gap. We were so excited and laughed and smiled with him. When we were finished we went our seperate ways, both parties looking back at the other and smiling. It was one of the greatest experiences and brought a tear of happiness to our eyes when we realized that we had clothed the poor like Jesus teaches in Matthew when he divides the sheeps and the goats. Super encouraging time here in Jodhpur and so beautiful. We have helped more poor here then we have in all other locations, and it has been so rewarding and fulfilling to really experience God on such a deeper level. We saved money on our hotel budget, so we continue to use that money to inspire and encourage the crippled, lame, orphans, widows, and the needy. It’s been a remarkable time, and the food has been amazing, except that Caleb caught a bug from eating the street food. We always eat street food to be with the Indians and really experience their lifestyle. It’s always the best food, but its also like playing Russian roulette with your stomach later.

Love you all and thank you for your prayers and support.

We would love to remind you all that we are trying to gain a small amount ($2,500) to buy the land for the teen disciple orphans in the HOPE home. Please keep it in your prayers and if you can donate even a dollar, that will go a long way in India. Thanks and God bless you all.



Mumbai, What a Time.

Hey! Caleb here. James and I had to deeply discuss who would write this post. So yeah, I’m doing it. The reason for that is basically because of how hard it was to start and in what an awesome way it ended. So lets get started.

We got off our train from Goa to Mumbai at around 12 at night. One thing we really try to avoid is taking a train that drops us off at night because entering a new city when it’s dark and confusing is a bad idea. Especially in Mumbai. There are three main stations in Mumbai, and we were told to get off at the first one. We got off the train immediately with one thing in mind, a room. Hugh Moore, James’s old roommate and friend from Athens was in town on business, and our plan was to spend time with him while we were in Mumbai. After we got off the train, it started to rain, so we took off for the street. We were actually dropped of in what could have been, for us at least, the worst part of the city. Most of the area was slums and closed down restaurants. As we walked farther, we followed a sign that read “Ac/Non Ac rooms,” which is usually what we look for. We walked into a dark alley to find a man, lying down, vomiting and foaming at the mouth. He had many packets of pills around him, and he could have been drinking as well. We immediately dropped down to him to see if he was okay, but he was totally unresponsive. People walked past and didn’t do anything, so that got us on our feet to find a hospital for the man. Walking aimlessly, we saw a big glowing red sign that said “hospital,” so we took off for it. We told the emergency room the whole story, and they said they would help. But their speed to help was lacking, so James decided to run back and carry the man back to the hospital. James started to leave, but then they came to me and asked if he was another white man or a local. I told them that he was a local, and they immediately said that they could not take him unless we took responsibility for him. We were fine with that, so we asked how much. The man walked into a room and never came back out. So we left and ran back to the man. We got him up and tried to offer him a room for the night or some food. He opened his eyes and shooed us away. We tried time and again, but eventually he just went back to sleep. So we prayed over him and asked God to lead him out of the life he was living. We put 30 rupees in his pocket and left. We kept walking, visiting lodging places and getting disappointed by many of the places’ integrity, and decided to sleep in the train station. We wanted to take one last leap of faith, and we ran right into a guy, about 22, who was speaking English on his phone. He got off his train, and we told him our predicament. He immediatly invited us to stay at his place. Filled with encouragement, we agreed and took off for his home. That man’s name was Joshua.

Joshua (left) and his friend Vikram (right)

We entered his house and were immediately showered (literally) and provided with a bed, a TV, breakfast in the morning, and best of all, a great night’s sleep.  While telling others this story, it seems impossible, but NOTHING is impossible with God. But wait, that’s not all Joshua did for us. He helped us find Hugh’s hotel address, which was two hours from his place, and he wanted to help us find it. Paying for every fare for taxis/trains, he would not even let us pay for food or drinks. He payed for it all. What a fantastic heart.

Joshua, if you are reading this, we thank you so much for what you did for us. We pray for you constantly and hope that the dreams and aspirations that you have can come true. You lead James and myself close to tears multiple times for what you did for us. May the Lord bless you always.

We found Hugh’s hotel and were given so much from him as well. Thank you guys so much. We praise God because of you, and we thank God for leading us to you.




I have been going through a very difficult time emotionally. Thank God for the Body and facebook and the loads of encouragement I have received since posting on facebook! I was seeing and feeling a lot of suffering in India. It’s a very challenging place. My emotions with self from suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, and mosquitoes were very hard. Adding to that, suffering the heart aches of having no control to really help anyone long term was debilitating.

Caleb and I were waiting at the bus stop to catch a bus to the next location when a young girl, roughly around the age of 6, came up to me with her hand open. She placed her hand to her mouth, making the universal sign for eating. I saw her and was immediately compelled to go and get her food. When I went to the restaurant to buy her food, she called her younger brother who had a huge gash on his forehead and could be no older than 4. So I bought food for the both of them. The young boy kept begging for the soap he could see hanging on the outer pouch of my bag. I had no idea what he wanted at first, but when I realized it, I gave him the soap as well and they ran off.
As we loaded on the bus to leave, I felt an overwhelming sorrow in my heart. I was moved to tears and tried to get off the bus, telling Caleb we needed to take the children with us. We could take them to hotels and provide a better life for them. Caleb looked at me like I had lost my mind. I told him, “Far be it from me to claim to know Christ and only give food to these orphans.” He calmed me down in the moment of emotions. I started telling him that we needed to have orphanages, hospitals, churches, etc… so that when we have these opportunities, we can truly help them for longer than the time of one meal. I was so distraught and upset inside. I asked him, if we saw them again, if we could spend the day with them to encourage and feed and find an orphanage for them. He agreed with a warm and loving smile on his face. We were like hawks searching for them, hoping to see them before the bus left with no luck.

The problems and emotions I was feeling were overwhelming when I posted of facebook for help and prayers. I felt useless, depressed, and discouraged. I just needed love, and you all came through in a powerful way. I thank you for the love of Christ, and please just continue to pray for effectiveness while we are on this trip.