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Rockys Vision

*Please take time to read the story Sheashu Goes Home at the drop down menu under “Our Trip Our Purpose”*

Rocky Braat is an American citizen from Pittsburgh, Pa. A spiritual and faithful man in Jesus Christ, he gave up his life as a successful designer to come to India to serve the poorest of the poor. He volunteered with HOPE World Wide to serve in an HIV/AIDS orphanage. Three years later, he has developed an unbreakable bond and friendship with 40 HIV/AIDS orphans in a small village outside Chennai. He has become a father to the fatherless and a servant to the least of God’s kingdom. Many of the teens have become Christians by his example and leadership in the community. He is a man of impeccable integrity and character whose sole purpose is to love like Christ. He is one of the most righteous men that Caleb and I have ever had the privilege to learn from. We are honored to now call him one of our greatest and most beloved friends. It is one of the most encouraging things to watch our dearest friend live out his dreams. Rocky is about to be married to an incredibly faithful Indian woman, Nirmala Braat :), who shares the same passions and dreams for the children. They will be a complete and wonderful team in changing the lives of these children forever. And our dear friend Steve Hoover, who works for a film company named “Animal,” is currently working on a documentary of Rocky’s extraordinary story and life. Please check out the trailers!

We would love to help our faithful brother in Christ to raise money to supply for the needs of the orphans. The smaller orphans we can help by funding Rocky on our website through donations or on his website linked on the partners page. However, we must be proactive in our efforts to provide for the needs of the older teens as their situations have become complicated. Unfortunately, the HIV/AIDS teens have to leave the orphanage by Indian law: the boys at fourteen and the girls at eighteen. Surviving in India without the challenge of being infected with HIV/AIDS is difficult enough; India is very competitive and will not be understanding about the disease they carry. The teens’ bodies will not allow them to work normal 8 hour days. The teens will face constant discouragement from being labeled an “untouchable” — an outcast in India’s caste society — and have already begun to face it. They are treated as if they are nothing more than street orphans from poor families, have often been kicked out of school, and are not admitted to hospitals for treatment. The difficulties will be a lot more strenuous on the female teens, as women in these areas do not have many rights. The likelihood of a woman getting a job in these areas is slim for the healthiest of women– let alone for one that can’t work long hours and has AIDS. The problems they face are numerous and overwhelming. Rocky wishes to protect the children from being all alone and away from their real family.

Rockys Vision:

We want to build a large home or community for the teens and allow them to live out the remainder of their lives in peace. When they get sick, they will not have to face death all alone and scared.  They will have Rocky and Nimmi holding their hands till the very end. We intend to build sustainable businesses to allow them the proper jobs that they can handle throughout the day. These are our fellow Christian brothers and sisters in the faith, and they need our help. The goal is to raise around $3,000 to buy the land. This will allow Rocky to start building their home opposite the Hope orphanage. Please pray for God’s guidance and help throughout the whole process. 

Help us and help Rocky see his vision through. Please feel free to donate under the “Donate” page.  All the money will go to Rocky’s efforts in Chennai.


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