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Our Trip : Our Purpose

The purpose of our two month journey through India is to experience the richness and rawness that India has to offer. We plan on visiting key locations and cities such as Mumbai, the Rajastan region, Delhi, the Himalayan region, Varanasi,  Calcutta, Chennai, and Kerala, and meeting the needs of the poor in those designated places. Our goal is to raise money for the work that Rocky is doing in Chennai and become servants to those who are in need. As we strive to “defend the rights of the poor and needy” (Prov. 22:22), we desire to hand over our worries to God, who will lead us through and through.

We are each living off 45 rupees ($1) a day for food and 45 rupees ($1) a day for water. We are sleeping in guest homes and hotels from 250 rupees to 400 rupees. We only travel sleeper class trains and the lowest class buses throughout India. We are immersed with the poor in the Indian lifestyle – living like Indians! 🙂 Please keep us in your prayers and in your thoughts as we take this adventure and journey throughout India.

*Please take the time to read the story Sheashu Goes Home at the drop down menu of the “Our Trip: Our Purpose” page.*


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