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Mother Calcutta

The Calcutta Church of Christ met Caleb and me with joy and love. We came into Calcutta at 4am after trying to get some rest on the train floor (Indian style) when our dear brother Russel met us with open arms. We were so grateful to have him waiting so early.  After a few hours of rest, we got an amazing opportunity to lead the singles’ ministry in a lesson. Then a sister took us out for our favorite food – a pig out session – and a day of rest in a elder couple’s flat.

The next day while on our way to the Mother Teresa Mother House, we came across some small orphan girls without clothes,

I was Naked; And You Clothed Me.

and we were confused as to why they were naked in one of the riches parts of town. I watched while rich men and women stuffed their faces with their afternoon’s lunch while these girls played bare in the rich’s filth and trash. Feeling compelled by the Spirit, I went to buy the children some food. I came back with the food, yet I was not satisfied with that. Caleb and I looked at each other as if we were already in total agreement about what to do next.  I left him there while another Brother and I went to buy clothes for the children. I picked out the most adorable clothing that I could find; I felt like a dad getting the opportunity to dress his beautiful daughters. I came back to a hostile crowd, not understanding why we were bothering to help. Some tried to tease the girls, while others criticized my purchase. I came so close to losing my temper that I had to pray in my head for composure. I knew that if I blew up at the men and women, God’s will to show these people the heart of Christ would be for nothing. God really helped me stay strong, and the smile of my brother Caleb always calms my heart. 🙂 Check out the video that will be posted under “Videos” to see it all unfold on film.

Then we headed to the MOTHER HOUSE. I felt like I was on fire and ready to conquer the world. I went inside and was very judgmental because I saw Hindu women doing all the work while the nuns were praying by Mother Teresa’s tomb. Then we went into the day care to serve and play with the children.  There I witnessed one of the most challenging places next to the leper colony in Delhi –  a room with mentally challenged children that had been left on the streets of Kolkata. I was at a loss for words and action. I stood there confused with a heart full of anxiety. I eventually gained the courage to sit down next to a child and began to squeeze her hand and pray for her. I just tried to calm them down and hold their toes and hands. Caleb began to play with one of the girls who literally had no eyes and was seriously challenged mentally. She started to use her feet like second hands and climbing on him like a monkey. He was having so much fun, and the child was laughing and enjoying herself so much. He started scatting jazz tunes and beats in her ears, and she loved it. It was so encouraging to see him love that small child.

We enjoyed our time at the Mother House, and it made for a very eventful first day. Nothing can deny Mother Teresa’s incredible love for God that continues to inspire and increase the faith of so many. She is truly an inspiration.

If you are inspired by what Caleb and I are doing, please contact us. We would love to start doing amazing things for the poor around the world and would love your help and ideas!



2 responses

  1. Nancy

    So good to read your blog and to hear of all you are doing. God is using you to spread the love of Jesus…aren’t the children of India amazing?

    October 19, 2011 at 1:49 am

  2. Lauren Mackenzie

    Wow, I am so inspired by you guys and your hearts to spread God’s love in India. Your posts remind me of Jesus’ words when he talks about whatever we have done for the least of his, we have done for him ( Matthew 25: 40). I will continue to pray for you to be encouraged and strengthened by God’s Spirit. We are studying out the Holy Spirit in Philly right now, and it’s been amazing. I just want to encourage you to remember that you are God’s temple and he will continue to strengthen you because he lives within you (1 Corinthians 6: 19). Be firm and stand strong (1 Corinthians 16: 13)!

    October 24, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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