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Giving Varanasi a “Rain Check”

Hey everyone.

So if you look at our Map, you will see that our travels so far have not gone according to what was originally planned. From Delhi, where we are now, we planned to head to Jammu Kashmere, which is North of Delhi, then head back down to Varanasi, East of Delhi on the map. BUT we have made some changes. We were planning to skip Jammu Kashere and go from Delhi to Varanasi, spending two days there, then moving up to Nepal. It wasn’t until last night that we decided to go straight to Nepal from Delhi. Last night we were at the railway station waiting to buy our tickets, but time ran out. Our train had left. Heading back to where we have been staying in Delhi the past few days, we came to the conclusion that it would not make sense for us to try for Varanasi again the next night and only be there for one day not even staying the night, for our friends in Nepal are expecting us on Wednesday –  meaning we would have to leave Varanasi on Tuesday morning, giving us one day to see the city. We were excited about Varanasi so we did not want to totally disregard it. We have put an official RAIN CHECK stamp on Varanasi, hoping that we can see it on our way back down South.

The great thing about staying another night after another night in Delhi is that this place is great! The brothers and sisters here have totally taken us in as their own and have been feeding us, giving us a place to sleep, and best of all, a place to clean ourselves. We are so grateful for everyone who has really felt the need to take us in and encourage us with so much.

BnB New Delhi: (From left to right) John, Mr. Ajay, James, Caleb, and Deloras.

Thanks be to: The Great Shiva hotel, Gimms & Wendy Andrews, HOPE Foundation, The Bansals, Xavier, DJ, Shiva, Shiva’s brother, Suresh & Selvi and their family, John & Deloras from California, Delhi Metro, Mother Dairy Ice Cream, and above all, our Father in Heaven for providing so much for us.

Thank you all.


One response

  1. Renie

    Hey you guys. Love what you are doing. Your faith and love for God is incredible. So proud of you Caleb. You both inspire me. Thanks for your posts, and for your honesty. I appreciate it. I will be praying that your trip continues to go according to God’s plan. Will keep in touch.

    September 26, 2011 at 3:08 am

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