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“Rain, rain, wont go away..”

Welcome to Goa. Most of what any foreigner knows about Goa, India is that it’s the number one place to travel in India because of its beautiful beaches and incredible prices! And as many say, it’s best to travel to Goa from October-May. Well, it’s September now, and I can see why they say that. I’d guess that it rains here, full force, 9-10 times a day. So wading through rivers and walking over roads in wet clothes has been on our agenda recently. But all in all, this place is great.  So we got off the train at Margao and made our way to Mapusa, which is near Bicholim. We then took a bus to Calangute and walked up and down the coast, looking for a good spot to stay and eat. Then we went to Baga, which is to me, the best town of all. We stayed at a great guest house and ate awesome – and cheap – food. After two days in Baga, we moved up the coastline at stayed at a place with hut-rooms just south of Arambol called Mandrem. After one night there we walked to Arambol, and now we are here – in Arambol – at an internet shop for 40rs. an hour, which is too much.

Google image this place, its really great.

Praise God for his incredible blessings he pours out on us everyday if we continue to call on His name. Everyday is something new, and it’s awesome.

I am currently working on more photos. Remember 30 photos will come out of Kerela and Goa on the 9th!

Continue to pray for us and think about us!




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