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God is so faithful

Greetings from Cherai, Kerala. We arrived in Kochi at 1pm today; then we were able to find our way to a beachy spot about an hour or so out of the main city. Getting here was interesting though! I think you will enjoy this story.

We had to take about 3 buses to get to Rocky’s village in Chennai, and that took about 3 hours or so. “Oh that must have been terrible!” you would say. But no, that was the easy part. We had to make sure we were on the right bus so that it would take us to the train station. After asking the same guys over and over again, we were sure we were on the right bus. We get to the train station, and it was packed with people. We thought it may be easier to get a ticket because we were tourists, but it wasnt. The tourist help room closed at 8, and we were at their door at 830pm or so. The train we wanted to take was to Kochi, Kerala, but after trying to book that ticket, we were turned down. They said it was too late. So we had to think about the options. 1. Take a different train to a different city in Kerala, then find our way to Kochi. 2. Find a cheap hotel in Chennai, take a train in the morning, and reach Kochi at night. After much discussion and prayer, we went for option 1. The only ticket they had for us was an open general coach ticket. In the other words, the lowest fare on the train. So we decided to take a step out on faith and hope we might get bumped up to the sleeper class – because those who have ridden on Indian trains know that general coach is basically a death chamber. We jumped on the sleeper car and found two berths for James and myself. I was fearful that we were going to get kicked off and stuck in Chennai, but James had faith that we would be alright. We prayed hard. Hard. The man who checks the tickets came to us and took one look at our ticket and immediately told us to get down and go to the general class. James, who spoke like our Lord Jesus, soft as baby lamb’s wool, told him that there was no room and that we would be willing to pay the upgrade. The man took one look at us, and said, “No problem, you rest. India guest!” Basically we got to sleep/ride in the sleeper car for 300 rupees cheaper and didnt have to stay up for 14 hours next to hundreds of Indians.

So some would think, “Oh you guys just got lucky!” but that was not the case at all. We prayed specific prayers to God and begged him for his mercy. We totally submitted to what He wanted us to do, and were willing to suffer in Jesus’s name. God blessed us. So the real question is, “Why wouldnt we ask God for things? Why would we doubt?” God is too good to us.

Please pray for an increase in our faith, stable health, and openness.

30 photos of Kerala and Goa will be posted on the 9th of September. Check them out! Thanks for your support and prayers!



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  1. Tom Lombardi

    Yes, God is faithful. And it is amazing the opportunities you are having to discover that again and again. We are proud of both of you and look forward to the amazing images you will capture. FYI, while you are enjoying beautiful Kerala, we are getting ready for a hurricane, only the fifth time in 100 years that one has come straight up the East coast. Keep up the great adventure. You are living the dream and putting it out there. Keep us posted. Love, dad

    August 27, 2011 at 10:15 pm

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